Randall RD100H Diavlo 3-Channel 100-Watt

Randall RD100H Diavlo 3-Channel 100-Watt

My Randall Diavlo RD100H delivers 100-watts of all tube power (12AX7/6L6) making this thing an absolute beast. This was used when recording our Goliath album.

The RD100H features 3 channels — Clean, Gain 1 and Gain 2, which provide you with a wide range of tones, from a sparkling clean to an over the top distortion and everything in between.

Each channel houses individual Volume and Gain controls which facilitate quick and easy tonal adjustments for each channel.

Once you find the tone you’re looking for on each channel, switching between these 3 channels couldn’t be any easier, with the RD100H’s onboard front panel channel selector switch or by the 4-function footswitch that’s included.

Add an extra layer of tube overdrive to both channels with the built-in Boost setting, which can be controlled with the rest of the channels via footswitch or via boost switch on the face panel.

The RD100H also features built-in equalization with Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence and Master Volume controls which will enable you to shape your tone even further.

The speaker emulated XLR direct output with ground lift makes this amplifier adaptable to any situation whether you’re out gigging or recording in the studio.

When the signal is fed post effects loop from the preamp, this signal is then sent through the speaker emulator which simulates the response and sound of the mic’d up Randall 4×12” Cabinet which is ideal for live performances.

This function also comes in handy if you’re planning on hooking this amp up to directly into  a PA System, allowing you to engage the Silent Mode.

Diavlo means ‘devil’ in Italian so that should give you an idea of what it sounds like. The Randall Diavlo Series offers the best flavors of all tube high gain tone solutions.

Controls - Master Volume, 3 x Volume, 3 x Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Boost
Wattage - 100 Watts
Channels - 3
Fx Gate Reverb - Class A Discrete Instrument Level Loop
Tube Type -12AX7/6L6
Inputs - 1 x Standard Guitar Input, FX Return, Footswitch
Outputs - 3 x Speaker Jacks, XLR Speaker Emulator, FX Send
Dimensions - 27.00 x 9.45 x 10.04 inches
Weight Lbs - 44.09 lbs

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