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Henry Flury

About Me

Hello, I’m Henry Flury, and I understand firsthand the overwhelming grip of panic attacks. However, I’m here to share my journey of conquering them and help those whose lives are persistently disrupted by these panic episodes.

In addition to my passion for helping those facing panic attacks, I’ve spent years on stage, performing in front of thousands with my band: Butcher Babies.


Why I Started Writing

My decision to start writing stemmed from a glaring gap online—a lack of comprehensive education on how to effectively combat panic attacks. I felt compelled to provide a valuable resource to empower individuals on their path to recovery.


What You’ll Find Here

This blog primarily delves into understanding the mechanics behind anxious thoughts and offers guidance on deescalating panic attacks while preventing future episodes. The focus? Shifting your attention away from panic and toward a path of serenity.


What Makes This Blog Unique

What sets this site apart is its keen focus on the thought processes that occur during a panic attack. It’s all about redirecting your thoughts away from panic, ultimately offering you a way out.


Who Can Benefit

This blog is designed for anyone grappling with panic disorder, whether you’re dealing with sporadic attacks or battling a persistent condition.


Connect With Me

I’m here to support you on your journey. Feel free to reach out directly with any questions or concerns related to panic disorder by emailing me at info@henryflury.com.

I look forward to sharing insights, strategies, and stories to help you regain control and live a life free from the grip of panic. Together, we can navigate this path toward peace and resilience.


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