Getting Over Panic Attacks: Gaining Courage


Woman getting over panic attacks

It is difficult for those who have never experienced panic attacks to judge a person who has them harshly. I have experienced this in my own life. Getting over panic attacks becomes more difficult because we hesitate to expose them to anyone.

To a person who has never experienced a panic attack, they have no real comprehension of what is happening to the person and wonder why the simplest thing can bother them. Not knowing what is causing this, they offer no real solution to the problem.

When I began experiencing panic attacks, only my immediate family knew of them. I felt shame, confusion and embarrassment for my disorder. I figured nobody else would understand my problem, so I hid it from everyone. I also avoided all situations that may trigger an attack.

This became an everyday task as anxiety disorder consumed me. Every waking moment was about my anxiety. I would plan… and plan to avoid.. any situations that may trigger my anxiety. Those triggers grew as I found new reasons to be afraid of pretty much anything: standing at line in the bank, eating at a restaurant, going to a movie.

I knew I had to be brave. I should be strong and able to handle simple situations. As I look back on these episodes, now years behind me, I know that my fear had nothing to do with bravery or courage.

Those who are truly brave; fireman, policeman, soldiers, all experience paralyzing panic episodes.

The fear of a panic attack can be overwhelming so much so that almost anything is better than having one. Feeling powerless and out of control is terrifying. We don’t know what is happening and we don’t know how to stop it.

Knowing What Courage Plays In Getting Over Panic Attacks

A key thing to remember is that courage and panic disorder have zero to do with each other. The battle is internal. Having courage to do an activity doesn’t effect what’s going on inside us.

When we feel confidence inside and safe within ourselves, outside courage is easy. We are comfortable and capable. But when our internal walls have been breached by fear and anxiety, then our confidence is rocked. We feel our fear internally. Our mind and conscious have become vulnerable.

This is where the crisis originates. When you can’t handle the body sensations you are experiencing, your confidence is shot and fear feeds on that weakness.

It is a crisis of confidence in your body and mind’s ability to handle the stress. This crisis however does not stop the bravery.

The Bravest Things Can Be Done Having Anxiety

Bravery will help you get on with life. It will help you pick up and move on after every setback.

To those who do not experience panic attacks, it will appear as if nothing is wrong at all. They do not realize that going to the grocery store was a major accomplishment, especially if they have tried and failed before.

Bravery does not go unrewarded.

There is a huge benefit to triumphing over an anxiety problem, an inner strength that the average person doesn’t get to develop.

Having anxiety creates an inner battle that can be overcome. Most people are not tested internally. Some will face this battle much later in life. Some not at all. But some real inner strength can be developed by overcoming this inner turmoil.

For some, this happens quickly. For others, it takes time. Everyone’s journey is unique to them so there is no judgement in your progress.

For me, I do not recall exactly the moment it went away. It simply wasn’t there anymore as if I drove through a thin fog into open sky.

The only thing that matters is that you persist.

Persistence matters. Persistence gets you out of the fog. Read my story here. I was able to defeat my chronic anxiety and live a panic free life.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. If you are experiencing severe or persistent anxiety, please consult a qualified healthcare professional for personalized guidance and support.

Henry Flury

Henry Flury, the guitarist from Butcher Babies, shares his journey of overcoming panic attacks to help others facing the same issue. He started writing to fill the gap in panic attack education online. His blog focuses on understanding anxious thoughts and offers guidance on managing panic attacks for anyone dealing with panic disorder.


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