How I Was Able To Turn Back The Clock On My Health.


It’s hard to believe my 48th birthday is only a couple months away.

I can honestly say, I don’t remember a time in my life where I’ve felt this good.

After spending the last decade on tour and abusing the hell out of my body, I’ve been on a mission to get my health back on track and curb some of the issues that come with being in the latter part of my 40s. 

Turn 40, Feel Like Crap.

Most of you probably know what I’m talking about. Getting older is scary. Shit stops working. We just don’t feel good in general. Hangovers recovery takes forever. Aches and pains are a part of getting out of bed every morning.

For the most part, I’ve always taken pretty good care of myself and have been physically active my whole life.

But I just felt… off.

I was tired and had constant brain fog.

I just thought, “Well, I guess this what it’s like to get older.”

Doctor’s Appointment. This Will Solve Everything!

I went for a physical about a year ago. The doctor said I was in great health but that I had high cholesterol and maybe I should be on some medication for that. That was the extent of their recommendations: CHOLESTEROL MEDICATION. 

No diet recommendations, zero advice on lifestyle changes. And with all due respect, the doctor giving me this information was in no position to be handing out health advice.

I had questions: 

  • What vitamins should I take?
  • What supplements should I be on?
  • What other lifestyle changes besides “Don’t drink or smoke and get plenty of exercise” do you offer?

They offered ZERO advice.

In early October, I saw a video of Dana White talking about a process that changes his life.

After digging deep into many of Gary’s videos. I decided to give 10x a chance.

I needed to know what was going to work for ME. Every person is different and what works for one person may not work for another.

If I was going to be serious about my health, I needed to start investing in myself.

I ordered the 10x Genetic Test back in October 2023.

When I received my results, it turns out I did have some gene mutations afterall.

With each gene mutation there was a comprehensive definition of what that actual gene mutation entails. It was spot on with the way I was feeling.

It told me exactly what my body needs… Bodies are all different, they age differently, and there are certain things that work and certain things that don’t work.

And when you can find out exactly how your body operates, you can supplement the specific areas your body doesn’t operate properly in and it changes the game forever.

10x then provided a fully customized wellness plan tailored specifically for me.

Everything Changed For Me

Once I ordered the recommended supplements, it took about a week before I really started to notice a difference.

It fixed all the things that I had issues with.

  • I started to feel GREAT
  • I felt less achy in the morning
  • I had way more energy
  • My mood was better
  • My head was clear
  • I focus was better
  • I was able to handle stressful situations easier

This helped in all areas of my life too. I was more productive, had better workouts and helped with my relationships as well.

I invite you to join me on this transformative journey toward a more vibrant and fulfilling life. There’s no reason to let aging kick our asses.

The 10X Genetic Test is the missing puzzle piece you’ve been searching for, and I can’t wait for you to experience the incredible benefits it has to offer.

Use my link to get your 10X Genetic Test today: 10X GENETIC TEST


Henry Flury


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